DVR -HD Tribrid Video Recorder 4 Channel 2MP Lite – iV-Pro®

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Some Key Features

•  2MP dedicated HD Tribrid Video Recorder4 Channel AHD
• Supports multiple channel mode choices, with up to 2MP iP-HD
• Advanced H.265 technology for maximum recording time
• Graphical User Interface function operated from mouse or remotely
• Supports 1 Sata Drives of 8TB each with total capacity up to 8TB
• Instant backup on pen drives and external storage drives
• Easy access from computers and mobile phones with 4G and Wi-Fi

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Product Description

iV-Pro® Model – iV-TY0404H-V2 is a 4 Channel 2MP Lite HD Tribrid Video Recorder that delivers high resolution up to 2MP HD recording videos that supports 1080p Cameras. The new Tribrid supports H.265 Video Compression for more space storage and better performance. Tribrid technology features channel type settings to change from AHD to iP-HD Mode and Mix Mode.

It also supports 10/100 Ethernet connection for a smooth video playback. Its Connectivity includes HD HDMI Output, VGA, Cloud Technology, Wi-Fi & 4G, and many more features, along with software support for Computers and Mobile Apps.